Code the globe

Lets expand the uses of technology to all corners of the world!


The goal for this beautifully crafted project is simple and that is to change and improve the way people currently live their lives in poverty stricken areas. By targeting elements within communities that lack support and funding, developing areas will begin to shine and improve! Not only will this benefit the people's living environment, but will also improve their wellbeing; making sure that people are living a happy stressless lifestyle!


A main mission within the project is improving the teaching that children are offered through the uses of technology! They will also learn the strength and power that comes with computer science and programming!


Using the technology that we have fortunately been granted with, communities around the world can develop and thrive on improvement through agricultural robotics, health and home improvements, that making living a lot safer!


Offering the community job opportunities will boost the countries economy and the peoples moral/wellbeing. The birth of these opportunities come from the technological resources that will be offered to the community!

About Me

"I love seeing the growth of the industry; I think it's incredible to see how it's become what it is today! What is sad is how not everyone can use these amazing devices like we can in our life routine and work essentials. I really want to change that. Educate and entertain children around the world with tech and computing resources, in order to fuel the future with young aspiring engineers. A spark in a child's imagination could change the world!


I think it's so important to also challenge the modern day stereotype of just males having an interest in STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) subjects. Thousands of females have a keen eye on the development of this area, but lack the encouragement and confidence to go forward with their vision due to the lack of girlies within the field! Believe me, there are many females out there who work hard in STEM and improve the way we live!' 


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Annie Lawrence


The vision is simple... educate and expand the uses of technology and computing to children in all areas of the world. Thousands have little access to education and that needs to change! Children all over the world should be able to enjoy themselves with the creations that are formed from their imagination, whilst learning skills for life; allowing them to engineer the future of the worlds health!


Support The Project

Why not join in with the project's work by supporting the progression of providing technological resources across the world!

The most current aid is going towards the educational technology that children will be receiving in Africa!

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