"I'm Annie Lawrence, female computer science student who has a passion to teach and influence young children on the ways in which we can use technology to improve the way we live in today's modern world!


I think it's only fair for me to introduce you to the early stages of my tech-y life, which included me taking any electronic gadget that I could get my hands on, and then having the urge to take it apart to understand how it worked (Clearly Barbies weren't my thing!). From the age of 5 I was introduced to handheld consoles and Gameboys, that thoroughly encouraged me to get involved in gaming! Being surrounded by a household of girls meant that, to be honest and as much as I hate admiting it, we lacked any sort of technological gaming device, which meant that most of my time growing up was spent running over to my friends house who had the latest gizmo's to my little hearts content!



Annie Lawrence

Project Lead

I loved anything that involved a circuit, and before I knew it, I was taking consoles apart, breaking the warranty seal and making a right mess of my Dad's toolbox. I remember opening my Xbox 360 when I was 13, naming every compenent I came across as I took the leap to unscrew the CD Drive without touching the laser (Honestly, I was petrified that I would ruin a machine that cost my parents so much!). This little experiment then developed into me actually building my own gaming computer when I was 15, after I bought and received different compenents needed to complete the build. I of course continued my interest in tech through school, which lead me to Computer Science at A Levels, where I eventually became not only the only female on the course, but the only student. This happened due to both the low intake of students at the beginning of the course, and also students deciding to exit the subject due to its complexity.


But this is where it all started! My little infant brain had a daft but equally interesting idea to experiment with the contruction of electronic devices and here I am hoping to create some. This is what kicked it off, being influenced by the development of the equipment and products that I was being surrounded with! At my age now, I look back and realise how important it is support and encourage a child's motive from a young age, as this childhood vision has always been in the foreground of my mind (out of all the career options such as joining the military, becoming a graphics designer, working within game design and becoming a helicopter pilot). My parents have been by my side since the first destruction of a tech gadget, and even if they stumbled over the idea of programming and using technology, they still saw how much I loved it, supporting me no matter what!


So why Code The Globe? Well, just like many people out there, I am someone who doesn't feel quite as complete without helping or aiding others with my own knowledge. There are so many people out there that don't even know that some of the devices they may dream of owning already exist within the other corners of the globe. The thought that there could be an engineer or inventor out there who has yet to use technology but could have the imagination and determination to develop it is mindblowing to me! Education is one thing, but encouragement is another that empowers the world today!"

Code The Globe is a small project which hopes to change the way chlidren across the globe are educated. Using tech and computing teaching resources, chlidren around the globe will have access to something that over 45% of the worlds population use on a daily basis!


And it all starts here...