Code The Globe is a small starting project that hopes to grow into an organisation that supports young children and teens in their journey of education and life. We aim to do so using modern day technological resources/devices, that many would yet to have encountered! Using this technology, we hope to assist communities with their current resources, encourage EVERYONE to participate in the computing world and most importantly, engineer the spark of imagination in people's mind!

Educational Technology

Computing and Information technology is becoming an essential to the world's academic curriculum due to one thing: we have now become surrounded and immersed in it's power to provide us with our basic needs and likes. Millions of children and adults have access to such teaching, as well as operating such devices in free time for entertainment purposes. However, millions of the world's population don't have such resources, restricting development of their education and communities resources!


This is why Code The Globe's main priority is using such technology to provide a boost in developing countries economic structure and education systems! Captivating children's imagination and enthusiasm to develop life skills which can be used to aquire thousands of jobs globally. We believe that it's also important to specifically encourage and target girls to leap into the engineering world, due to the low figures that are still present within STEM subjects/careers!

Community Development

Many communities around the globe have little access to basic needs such as water, food, shelter and electricity; something that lots of us have daily usage of. This is not only heartbreaking, but also a very important issue that receives a lot of attention within the media. So why is there still an issue? The solutions are unfortunately not quick enough, but this can change!


With the help and aid of technological advances, the development of communities needs and necessities can be tackled efficiently and effectively! Sustainable energy to provide electricity and clean water by converting natural resources into useful sources of energy is one the major contributers to beating large costing fees of such improvements. It can then finally provide a community with essentials that so many of us take for granted!

Computing and Information technology is becoming an essential to the world's everyday life, due to one thing: we have now become surrounded and immersed in it's power to provide us with our needs. The rise of its power has come from the strong interest that thousands of people have had in the understanding of the digital world, yet there are so many who have yet to know it exists?


Technology blinds us from the fact that there are many countries in the world who still don't have the basic needs of living, let alone technological devices! We are so immersed in the usage of such creations, that we forget what the rest of the world has or does not have. But technology itself can improve this, which is why it is important to tell the people who use it just how powerful and influential it can really be! Providing electricity, food, water and shelter for all to accomadate is just one of the many issues that digital creations can begin to resolve!


In order for tech to have an impact on people's living conditions, it needs people to help. With it being a strong industry and having a high level of importance within school curiculum's, the industry can revolutionise the world. However, the amount of people that work within the industry unfortunately slacks compared to other career paths, particularly have a great impact on the number of females who work within STEM careers.


Just over 20% of the computer science and engineering industry are made up of females, which is something that Code The Globe hopes to improve. By encouraging young ladies at an early stage of their life, they will begin to see the benefits of such knowledge, having an aspiration to use it to improve the way people live. Many see the subject in black and white due to inefficient education of the subject and not being encouraged/motivated enough by those that support them! Teaching the subject in areas that do not have such resources is also key in the advances of the industry. Discovering future engineers and inventors from ideas that were only dreamt about!

Inspire The People


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